Host Flawless Zoom Meetings

Don't waste time learning from your mistakes

Of course anyone could use Zoom without any training. But if you want to host flawless, professional-looking Zoom meetings for business, school, or any important reason; then you'll need to learn the finer points. You could spend years figuring it all out on your own, or you could learn from an expert today.
Zoom online course

Prevent Mistakes & Problems

Save yourself from the most common issues, including:

  • Embarrassing interruptions and mistakes.

  • Derailing and rescheduling meetings to fix issues.

  • Poor quality audio and video.

  • Wasting time hunting for hidden features.

  • Looking like you have an unprofessional camera setup (even if you do!)

Become a Smooth Operator

You'll learn how to:

  • Create & Set Up Your Account

    Get all the best features turned on in the 12 different places where Zoom hides its settings.

  • Stage Your Scene

    Create a scene that looks professional but is affordable.

  • Be Prepared

    Practice and test your equipment in a real Zoom Meeting. Customize our prep checklist.

  • Start, Join, & Invite People

    Use the Zoom website, desktop app, or mobile app to start a meeting and invite multiple people.

  • Fix Issues

    Quickly fix Zoom issues for yourself and others, so your meeting can continue.

If your team, conference, or event needs Zoom training, consulting, or support , please contact us to get a custom solution.

Full Course Outline

  • 1

    How to Setup Zoom

    • Summary

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    • How to Create a Free Zoom Account

      Free Trial
    • Website Personal Profile Settings

    • Website Account Settings – Meeting

    • Website Account Settings – Recording

    • Website Account Settings – Telephone

    • Website Personal Settings – Meeting

    • Website Personal Settings – Recording

    • Website Personal Settings – Telephone

    • How to Download Zoom Apps

    • Computer App "Settings" Window

    • Computer App Personal Meeting ID Settings

    • Computer App In-Meeting Settings

    • Mobile App Meeting Settings

    • Mobile App Chat Settings

    • Quick Instructions

  • 2

    How to Use Zoom

    • Summary

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    • Prep Checklist to Give Your Participants

    • Prep Checklist for Yourself

    • How to Start a New Zoom Meeting

    • How to Invite People to Your Zoom Meeting

    • How to Join Someone Else's Zoom Meeting

    • 13 Tips & Tricks to Solve the Most Common Issues — Video Instructions

    • How to Improve Your Video Quality

    • Quick Instructions

Learn from an Expert

You'll learn all of this from our Zoom expert, Danielle Glick. She is uniquely qualified to teach you how to use Zoom because she has been using Zoom for every business meeting, phone call, and training webinar since October 2016. And she has used Zoom in 36 countries in over 200 different rooms, each with different Internet connections, furniture, lighting, and audio challenges. Most of her attendees had no experience using Zoom and their own issues with Internet, equipment, and environmental factors. If something can go wrong in Zoom, Danielle has probably experienced it!

Will It Work for Me?

Probably! Our online courses are formatted to suit a variety of learning styles and experience levels, featuring:

  • Step-by-step written instructions for beginners.

  • Quick versions for advanced learners and easy reference.

  • Videos for visual learners.

  • Learn at your own pace; make videos go faster or slower.

  • Expert support via live chat, email, and webinars.

What You'll Get

When you buy this course, you'll get instant access to start learning. You can jump to specific topics or click through each page in sequence.

Our courses are sold as monthly subscriptions, so you can keep them for as long as you want with no contract or minimum number of months required. Each purchase gives you unlimited access for 30 days. When you no longer need this course, you may cancel at any time with 1 click, no tricks.

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