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    • Welcome!

    • The Biggest Key to Success

    • Use Desktop or Mobile?

    • Navigating Around

    • How to Access Your Courses

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    Getting the Most Out of Courses

    • Our Standard Chapter Structure

    • Summary

    • Video Instructions

    • Detailed Instructions

    • Results Analysis

    • Quick Instructions

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    • Complete Your Profile

    • How to Change Your Password

    • Certificates

    • Notifications

    • Billing & Subscriptions

    • Order History

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    Support Options

    • Finding Courses by Topic

    • How to Use Our Search Box

    • Contacting Us

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    Get Paid for Referrals!

    • How Our Affiliate Program Works

    • ​Setup Your Affiliate Account

    • Where to Get Your Affiliate Link

    • Ideas to Share Your Link

    • Request Affiliate Cards

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    Next Steps

    • Please Keep It Confidential

    • Learning Modules for Full-Site Members

    • Rate Each Course

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