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Many people's marketing emails generate so few sales, they're not even worth the time they take to create. Meanwhile, people using our courses are making a 9x average return on investment from just two emails per month! In these on-demand courses, you'll use proven email marketing strategies and detailed steps to create Mailchimp emails that generate sales for most types of small businesses.

Go from Email Beginner to Moneymaker

Mailchimp emails can be highly profitable, but only if you know how to use them to repeatedly generate sales. 

This bundle of self-guided courses is a complete A to Z master class in email marketing on Mailchimp. It's the most effective strategies and efficient processes we've developed through seven years of experience; it's what we use to train our own employees. It'll walk you through how to do everything most businesses need to do their own effective email marketing:

  • Get Mailchimp Fully Set Up: Create and set up your Mailchimp account with the most useful features turned on, including the Google Analytics integration.
  • Send Emails That Sell: Create email campaigns, newsletters, or email blasts with A/B split testing that determines your best subject line. We provide settings that work, so you don't have to guess!
  • Save Time with Automated Emails: Automatically welcome new subscribers and send them automated birthday and anniversary emails that generate sales (AKA customer journeys).
  • Design Effective Email Templates: Save time and increase sales with our 6 customizable email templates that guide you to apply your branding and decide what content to include.
  • Grow Your Subscriber List: Customize an online and printed signup form to match your brand and install it on your website, Facebook Page, social media posts, and more.
  • Manage Your Audience: Optimize your audience settings, import subscribers, and segment them to sort out the inactive ones while hyper-targeting the rest.
  • Use Proven Strategies: Discover words that do and don't work to get people to open emails and click links. Find out when and how often is best to send your emails.
  • Measure Your Success: Find and analyze the numbers that matter, so you can continuously improve.

What's All Included?

We want you to succeed, so we provide everything we can think of to make that happen:

  • 2 courses with all the strategies and processes a small business needs to do their own profitable email marketing.

  • 85 pages with detailed steps for beginners and quick versions for easy reference.

  • 6 Mailchimp email templates (see free gifts below!)

  • 4 videos with speed settings, so you can learn at your own pace.

  • Senior level support answering your questions in less than 1 day.

  • 24/7 access to the full courses; no "dripped" content to hold you back.

  • Constantly updated training. Last update: October 2020.

Meet Your Instructor

A Real Mailchimp Expert

As a former ad agency employee and marketing consultant, Danielle Glick has a confession to make: no outsider can sell your stuff as well as you can! That's because no one knows your business better than you and your employees. The reason why businesses hire marketing agencies is because they don't know how to do their own profitable marketing, but you can change that by simply following the steps in Danielle's courses. 

Danielle became a Mailchimp email marketing expert through years of hands-on experience and data analysis. She has been using Mailchimp emails to generate sales for small businesses since 2013 and training others how to do it for themselves since 2014. What's taken Danielle seven years to perfect will only take you a few days. With these courses, you'll skip the fumbling and failure phase, and start doing your own profitable email marketing!

What Subscribers Are Saying


  • Amazing Difference!

    “I really had no idea what I was doing with my marketing emails. I used to put a lot of products in every email in hopes someone would see something they like, but you made me realize less is more. Now I do half as much work and get around three times the sales. Woohoo!” – Debbie P.

  • Big Time Saver

    “It used to take me way too many hours to figure out how to design my newsletters and what to put in them. This course simplified the process and explained which settings to use. Now I don't feel overwhelmed or second guess myself.” – Gary S.

  • Turned Things Around

    “Email marketing used to feel like such a waste of time because almost no one was clicking on my stuff. I was skeptical to make some of the changes suggested in this course, but I'm so glad I gave it a try because now my sales spike every time I send an email!” – Sharon D.

Proven to Work for People Who:

  • Have a website where others can buy products or tickets, book an appointment, RSVP for events, sign up for something, or contact you for info.

  • Need to drive traffic or increase sales for a business.

  • Have little to no training in marketing, coding, or design.

  • Do or don't have an existing Mailchimp account.

  • Own or work for a business that wants to save money by doing their own marketing.

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Get 6 Free Gifts to Keep

Your email design, layout, content, and usability are HUGE factors in getting people to buy, so you can't just throw an email together and expect it to do well. And you probably don't have hours to ponder over the infinite combinations of settings Mailchimp offers. 

You need tested and proven email templates that explain how to apply your branding and what content to include where, so you can create profitable emails with ease. Our Mailchimp course includes 6 of these templates! You can buy pre-made Mailchimp templates for $46 apiece on other sites, but why do that when you can get our six email templates as free gifts (a $276 value!) with our 24-hr. Free Trial.

Get 6 Proven Mailchimp Templates:

  1. High-converting sales template 
  2. Welcome email template
  3. Anniversary email template
  4. Birthday email template
  5. Date Collection email template
  6. Date Collection Reminder email template

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Mobile or Desktop?

Mailchimp's mobile site and app do not contain every feature from their desktop website, so you will be able to achieve a lot more using their desktop website. As such, our instructions are written for their desktop website. However, you can read and watch our courses on any mobile, desktop, or TV device with an Internet connection.