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Work Less, Earn More

You should be able to make a profit from your marketing, even if you have no experience. You may have already tried other marketing strategies and still aren’t getting good results. That's because most marketing tips are based on big companies with big budgets; their ideas don’t work for small businesses with small budgets. You need strategies tested with real paint & sip businesses. You need Wise Training Owl.
Online courses for paint & sip businesses

Stop Struggling

Our courses help paint & sip owners and managers who are:

  • Stressed your sales are not stable enough.

  • Wasting money on marketing that doesn’t generate enough sales.

  • Tired of trying to figure everything out on your own.

  • Worried there's a lot of people out there who still don't know you exist.

Watch the Money Roll In

You'll learn how to do:

  • Effective Strategies

    Create and setup your accounts with all the best features turned on. Customize our monthly marketing plans.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Create Facebook and Instagram Posts and Ads that attract interactions, clicks, and sales you can actually track.

  • Email Marketing

    Write effective subject lines, automated emails, signup forms, grow your list, get our best template designs, and do it all in Mailchimp.

  • Traditional Marketing

    Attract foot traffic, upsell customers in store, profit from an event booth, and shoot photos and videos that sell.

  • Public Relations

    Fix negative reviews, get more 5-star reviews, increase social media comments, and host an influencer media event.

  • Results Analysis

    Learn where to find your key statistics, how to understand them, and what to improve.

Results That Pay for Themselves

You'll instantly save money buying this bundle of courses versus buying its courses individually. And you'll get access to exclusive courses that aren't even available for individual purchase! 

On top of this savings, you should earn tens of thousands of dollars in sales after you fully implement the instructions in these courses. Even though this bundle is a big money-maker for our members, we don't charge $1,000 for it. We don't even charge $500. We let you decide how much it costs by offering it as a relatively inexpensive monthly subscription and letting you decide how many months you want to keep it. 

You can also verify whether this bundle is a good fit for you by taking advantage of the Free Previews available in several of this bundle's courses.

Bundle Includes

52 courses and more to come!

And more courses!

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Learn from an Expert

You'll learn all of this from our Founder & Chief Trainer, Danielle Glick. She is uniquely qualified to teach paint & sips because she has been creating, testing, and analyzing marketing for paint & sips since 2011. Danielle has been exposed to the wide variety of challenges faced by all types of paint & sip owners, from first-time business owners to experienced franchisees with multiple locations all over the U.S. In this bundle's courses, she distills all those years of experience into her most profitable strategies and shows you how to replicate other paint & sips' success for yourself.

Will It Work for Me?

Probably! Our courses are formatted to suit a variety of learning styles and experience levels, featuring:

  • Step-by-step written instructions for beginners.

  • Quick versions for advanced learners and easy reference.

  • Videos for visual learners.

  • Learn at your own pace; make videos go faster or slower.

  • Expert support via live chat, email, and webinars.

Why Paint & Sip Owners Love Us

  • A Life Saver

    “I have to say this subscription is my absolute saving grace. Learning what to do and what not to do has been a time saver because marketing really does take me less time now. Your training is all-encompassing and a life saver. Worth every dime and then some!”

  • Great Value

    “I can attest this site is WELL worth the money! Danielle’s marketing savvy is absolutely astounding and unequaled by ANYONE else I’ve met, worked with, paid, or spoken to in the 6 years since we opened! Unquestionably the best marketing dollars we have ever and probably will ever spend!!”

  • Time & Money Saved

    “Before I started here I was just guessing what to do and watching a lot of podcasts to learn about social media. One of the best decisions I have made has been joining this site. I like that I’m learning while spending less time and money, and getting way better results than I had on my own!”

What You'll Get

When you buy this bundle, you'll get instant access to all the courses listed on this page, so you can start learning today. In each course, you can jump to specific topics or click through each page in sequence. 

Our bundles are sold as monthly subscriptions, so you can keep them for as long as you want with no contract or minimum number of months required. Each purchase gives you unlimited access to this bundle's courses for 30 days. When you no longer need these courses, you may cancel this bundle at any time with 1 click, no tricks. 

If you aren't sure this bundle is the right fit for you, check out our other bundles or just buy the individual courses you need. However, this bundle will save you money and includes courses you can't buy separately.

Paint & Sip FAQ

  • How much paint and sip marketing experience do you have?

    More than anyone else in the world! We've been continuously working with paint and sips since 2011 and are not aware of any other marketers who started before then.

  • Can any paint & sip business subscribe?

    No, we have signed a non-compete agreement to only work with Painting with a Twist franchises.